Solitude with The Hermit 

The Hermit is one of the most loved cards for me in the deck. 

It speaks strongly to me when it’s shown in a spread as I know I have to go within and be my own teacher and not be distracted by the outside world so I can connect with the my intuitive self and listen to what conditioned responses and emotions I need to let go of so I can allow my authentic self to take charge and slowly manifest the new changes and opportunities in my world.
When I feel overwhelmed at times and I know I need to stop everything to listen to my inner world I draw out The Hermit card from the deck, shuffle the cards and pull another 3 cards which can give me insight to what it is I need to work on and why I feel fearful to stop what I’m doing.
We’ve all been there yeah where we get caught in our fears and feel we have to keep going because otherwise we will ‘fall behind’ but in actual fact we’re just running on fear and emotion that is needing our presence and to give it the attention it needs we need to stop and slow everything right down.
The Hermit can also symbolise a teacher coming into our life and although yes there are times we need to connect with someone that can guide us through situations and possibilities in our life ultimately I believe The Hermit is here to show us that we are our own teacher.
If we choose seek solitude and take time to get to know our true self we will see all the answers we are seeking  are already there inside of us but it takes time to deepen the relationship with Self but it’s also the most important relationship to have.
Many people don’t see The Hermit as a sign of deep change because usually always after a time of solitude life transforms.
Firstly it may be a little chaotic when change presents itself but the change is necessary as we cannot live how we once did and after a time of inward reflection we must always follow what we feel and create the changes in our outer world.
For someone that is wanting to take charge of their life or take charge in their current situation I encourage you to work with The Hermit.
Read up and study the meaning. Upright and reversed then go deeper and explore how this card feels to you.
How does the image feel to you?
What feelings surface with the thought of being self reliant and becoming your own teacher?
How do you feel about life transforming change? What fears arise? What are you afraid of changing and why?
Go deep. Allow your intuition, your inner light to guide you through the darkness.
Be your own teacher. Xxx
 © Copyright 2015/The Seer & the Seeker/Astara Lak’ech. All rights reserved. No writing or photographs to be used without permission.


2 thoughts on “Solitude with The Hermit 

  1. Your website is awesome! I’m so loving it! your awesome! Reading about the Hermit was so right on! I know so many that see the Hermit in a negative way; however, when I draw it for people I show them the positive for them and they suddenly see the bright side!

    Love you! Keep on being you! Love you!


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