Balance with The Sun & The Moon

When I show up to write a blog post I always go with my feeling and sometimes I can’t make my mind up because there’s so much I want to share 🙂 so I consult the cards and this time The Sun and The Moon were chosen together.

So lets explore inner balance and healing with these two cards beginning with The Moon.

The Moon reflects our inner world. It comes just before The Sun card in tarot system. It’s our imagination, visions, dreams, hidden fears, emotions, feelings, our intuition and our psychic ability. The Moon is an introspective card and sometimes a period of withdrawal is needed to explore the depths of our inner world to become more balanced and a deeper understanding of our shadow self to really get to know our inner world and how we truly feel about things. Solitude also connects us to our intuition because we have quiet to hear our true self speak.

Exploring our fears is essential to our emotional and spiritual growth. If we are living in our imagination or fantasy world much of the time we really are escaping our emotional reality and if thats the case we won’t be seeing life with clear eyes but allowing the unresolved emotion and fears to eventually create more chaos in our life and thats usually when The Tower will eventually fall because there is no strong foundation of self but only escapism from living our life to the fullest.

Allow your intuition to guide you into your inner world and really ‘listen’ to what feelings surface when you gaze upon The Moon card. Use the vision of The Moon card to focus upon while meditating and see what shows. Most of us avoid doing the inner work from not wanting to feel the uncomfortable feelings though its absolutely essential we don’t distract ourselves from feeling what needs our attention. Checking in with our inner world should be part of our daily routine because its our inner world that creates our physical reality if we don’t know whats happening inside of us how can we understand the mechanics and make clear decisions in all facets of our physical world? from intimate relationships to the job we choose to do. Energy moves and shapes everything in this world if we have backed up negative energy that energy will be the dominate force that shapes our reality… something to really think about.

Also if we take time each day to check in with how we feel and give it the presence it deserves when our heavier feelings rise to the surface we won’t fear feeling them because each day we’ve made the time to FEEL with AWARENESS (attention). It also won’t build to the point of overwhelm.


The Sun

It’s no surprise The Moon comes before The Sun in the tarot. We can’t experience light till we experience darkness. Once we have explored our inner world and dealt with old woundings from the past and really took our time to understand, feel and heal we come up for air and see things with new eyes and a renewed clarity and life feels joyous again. Really simply The Sun is joy, happiness, clarity and optimism. We now have the confidence to move forward and have a clearer understanding of what we want.

Even tarot shows us we can’t have a deeper understanding of ourselves and life until we explore the darker passages of Self showing us this is true balance. Balance is experiencing both sides of life. We can’t avoid what is real and usually what we fear lacks understanding and presence. xxx


© Copyright 2015/The Seer & the Seeker/Astara Lak’ech. All rights reserved. No writing or photographs to be used without permission.


2 thoughts on “Balance with The Sun & The Moon

  1. Wow! Totally what I was working in today!! I was thinking yo myself: it’s like I tried to be a ‘moon’ person alk my life but I’m much more of a ‘sun’ person really. I mean I live to shine and just be and people can decide for themselves whether to enjoy my energy or leave it. Ofcourse I had to go through my shadowside to get back to this point. Amazing how many times your postings coincide with my own guidance! ❤


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