It’s Ok Not to Reverse

Card reversals, to reverse or not to reverse?

Let me begin by saying we all read tarot in our own way. I have heard of teachers who would get angry with their students if they read the cards differently to how they were taught. Reading tarot is a personal thing in my opinion there’s no right or wrong only what feels right for the seeker/seer like everything in life we have to trust our own feeling over the opinions of others. Myself as a teacher the only thing I would encourage is the study of the traditional symbols of the major and minor arcana as there is so much knowledge in knowing about the traditional symbols after learning this  the way you choose to read is your own. My 15 year old daughter vaguely knows the meanings of the cards but she reads with such accuracy because she goes with her feeling and that is what needs to be encouraged; find your own way.

I teach reversals as I feel there’s much knowledge and wisdom to receive knowing about reading the cards upside down but personally when I read for clients or myself I don’t use reversals because it doesn’t feel right for me. It’s just something that doesn’t work for me it never has although I know the insight behind reversals and when I read if what I receive is similar feeling to a reversal I would naturally share that information. Why I bring this up is some teachers are so forceful with how the tarot is read I don’t believe it should be like that in any form of teaching it’s our job to guide you through the knowledge and also guide you to work with your intuition to find your own way.

I also would like to add the tarot carries light and shadow in the upright position for each card even though some cards may be positive such as The Sun card but it also depends on the reading and where it lies in the spread. The most important thing about learning anything is you not only love it 😀 if you’re a tarot nerd like myself but you also love it especially through times of frustration. Frustration is part of learning and growth. Take the pressure off yourself if you don’t read in the traditional way don’t worry! if anything celebrate that you do read differently because it means you are connecting to a deeper part of you 🙂 xxx


© Copyright 2015/The Seer & the Seeker/Astara Lak’ech. All rights reserved. No writing or photographs to be used without permission.


Revelations Tarot by Zach Wong  The Revelations tarot is a beautiful deck created with reversed images in the cards.
Revelations Tarot by Zach Wong
The Revelations tarot is a beautiful deck created with reversed images in the cards.

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