Shadow Work with The Devil 

The Devil

Before I choose the card for today I firstly would like to share working with The Devil card at present as the energies grow leading up to Samhain/Beltaine and the Scorpio full moon, would be ideal to move through any growing concerns, uncertainties, frustrations or any strong emotions that may have surfaced.
Usually with strong emotion there is some expectation to a hoped outcome or a wish that things could be different and our frustration grows because things just aren’t flowing the way we would like them to and we hold onto a belief that is creating chaos in our life.
Shadow Work with The Devil
* You will need a journal and pen for this exercise. *
First identify the strongest most uncomfortable feeling or a feeling that is causing you to be more ungrounded than usual.
Describe these feelings in full detail be completely honest with yourself and don’t hold back.
Listen and feel for anything else that would like to be expressed within this space.
Identify what has triggered you to feel this way and if you’re unsure retrace when you first began feeling this way.
Was it something that someone said a week ago? Was it some news you heard about and your conditioned reaction convinced you ‘that it doesn’t bother you’?
Is it a growing unsettled feeling in your work aspect?
Whatever it is it’s important to reflect on when you began feeling this way.
Once you’ve identified when it began begin writing how it made you feel and why.
What is it that you wanted to express at the time but your conditioned reaction held you back? or the situation didn’t allow for it?
What fears did this experience trigger?
The most important part of this exercise is identifying your fears.
Once you’ve identified your fears write about them.
The reason why writing helps it’s a space just for you where you can be completely honest and explore them in a safe space.
It’s also important to express and understand how we truly feel because it’s unexpressed unresolved emotion which knocks us off our centre.
Expression/action is everything when we know how we truly feel.
Once we’ve identified where it began, what we wanted to express but didn’t, what conditioned behaviours held us back by understanding our fears we MUST give ourselves some quiet space to feel the feelings that were raised.
Give yourself more time for reflection.
We must give these feelings attention (awareness) so they can pass through our energetic bodies.
Once we have we must ask another important question to empower ourselves through this experience:
What action do I need to take to empower my expression through this experience?
In other words, is there anyone you need to confront and share how you feel? Are there steps you can create to move forward?
For an example if this experience is connected to your work aspect is there any steps you can create to change or improve the situation? And if so what are they?
It’s really important to take action because if we don’t take action we stay in a disempowered space and if action can’t be taken yet have a plan that you can commit to when the time is right but it must be followers through to shift the energy.
The Devil card supports us to explore and make us aware of the feelings and beliefs we hold onto which disempower who we are. It’s an important process one we all should explore as often as possible.
If you still have trouble and not sure where to begin, begin with meditating on The Devil card.
Hold the symbol of The Devil card in your minds eye and place the card on your lap when you meditate.
See what feelings emerge from your meditation and begin with the questioning process above.
I will write a separate post sometime soon on exploring The Devil card for now I hope this helps with the current energies. Xxx
© Copyright 2015/The Seer & the Seeker/Astara Lak’ech. All rights reserved. No writing or photographs to be used without permission.

3 thoughts on “Shadow Work with The Devil 

  1. You know i saw a tarot reader a few months back and he informed me I would start to look more into it and should take up reading. Do you think he’s BSing me I feel like it’d be hard to do. was reading a few of your blogs. just curious


    1. It’s not hard to learn honey once it’s broken down all I will say to you is trust your own intuition in this regard if you feel a pull to learning the tarot then go with it xx

      Liked by 1 person

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