Earthing the Tarot

The tarot system is a 78 card system to assist and support the complexities of our inner world. The major arcana represents the journey of spirit. Many say ego and yes thats true but for me I’ll use the word spirit so we can say it is a spiritual journey. The minor arcana consists of four suits representing the the four elements: earth- pentacles, water-cups, fire-wands and air-swords. In some decks the wands represent air and the swords represents fire.

So if we can simplify it as the major arcana as our deep healing soulful transitions in life where the spirit is challenged to grow and the minor arcana is how we manage, explore and express our energy throughout the journey.

The tarot is a system to deepen and heal our relationship with self…and to enrich our life but if we really want to understand and own the cards we must earth the tarot system. If we can see the major arcana as our deep spiritual transitions we can then simplify the major arcana by understanding the minor arcana as the four elements earth, air, fire and water.

To own the cards and ourselves, we must explore our relationships with the four elements and see how these relationships affect our inner and outer worlds. To do this we must connect with the Earth.The deeper we go the more wisdom we unearth and the more we heal our wounded self the clearer the channel we have to our divine self and our intuition this is how we begin reading the cards with our intuition. The intuition is the language of the divine self.

Very briefly (I will touch on this further in my book and course), fire when its controlled is useful. Think about the pot belly fires in our homes, candle light now think of the Ace of Wands… so now lets jump to a house or bush fire and now think of the 10 of wands. See the wands as energy, life force, passion. When our passion, energy, life force is channelled we create magic, healing but if it isn’t think of how we waste and deplete our energy like the 10 of Wands.

If we truly want to understand the fire element spend time with it..really. Meditate in candle light. Watching the flame how does it make you feel? How do you feel about spending time in the sun? What part of the day do you enjoy the most and why? How do you feel sitting around a fire? What feelings does it provoke and why? When you stare into the flames does it relax you or make you feel unsettled? Explore your feelings and your relationship with fire go deep with it, know it. Then explore your energy levels. Observe when you feel the most energised, what switches you on, what you’re passionate about and what depletes your energy and why.


If we look at The Magician in traditional decks he has the tools in front of him: the sword, wand, cup and pentacle now think of the tools that usually sit on a witches altar which represents the four elements. Yes there’s a link here which I will go further into in my course and book which I have to say I can’t way to share 🙂

What I leave you with is start seeing the four suits as the four elements of the Earth and starting making the connection to each one of them then we’ll slowly move into the minor arcana.





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