Renewed Stability with the 8 of Cups

We all have our favourite cards in tarot one of mine is the 8 of Cups.
The image in most decks gives me a sense of peace and a sense of relief when it shows in my own personal readings.
In most decks it usually holds a similar feeling to the Hermit, a time of listening, of knowing, and retreat.
The 8 of Cups usually means letting go of a stable situation.
We have outgrown the situation and it’s time to let go and leave.
Though in most decks the 8 of Cups holds a feeling of going within and I also see this as an honouring of the grieving process of letting go.  It’s a beautiful reminder to honour the change itself. Too often we don’t allow our inner world to catch up to the physical process and we find ourselves emotionally overwhelmed a few weeks after.


Inner explorations and deepening our understanding of the 8 of Cups can clearly begin with these questions:


* What emotions surface when you think about letting go of a person or a situation that you feel connected to?
Which two emotions are most dominantly felt and why?
Go deeper with this journal as much as you can really feel, listen and observe the conditioned pattern that’s triggered.

* How do you feel living your true potential? What feelings does this question trigger both positive and negative?
This may sound like a strange question but you’ll be surprised how many people fear their power and undervalue their self worth.

* What do you consider a stable life and why? Does your stability impinge on your spiritual and emotional freedom? And if so how and what can you change about this?


So you see the 8 of Cups isn’t very scary 🙂 though some people may consider it so it actually supports you to become more stable within yourself and to look within for stability and emotionally detach from outcomes and expectations supporting us to have greater freedom within.




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