Responding to the Cards: Intuitive and Emotional Responses

I love getting into the heavy with this topic with passionate beginner and intermediate tarot readers. It’s exciting to watch someone connect and strengthen the relationship with self. It’s precious and beautiful. Although this is a topic widely discussed in depth and there’s a real need for it because distinguishing what is an emotional or intuitive response is important as a reader.

First I have to mention that reading for yourself will bring up emotion whether you’re a beginner or an advanced reader when you’re enquiring about an experience or situation that is close to the heart emotion will be stirred thats a completely normal response. I have to say if you’re feeling emotional I wouldn’t recommend pulling out the tarot because as we know the tarot is a soul mirror and some images will provoke more emotion and if you’re already feeling vulnerable and overwhelmed please be gentle and put the cards away.

Self nurture and care comes first. Journalling how you feel, a gentle creative space, good food, warm blankets, hot tea and a good movie is whats needed as we release some of the heavier and raw feelings then slowly when it feels right the cards can come out and speak.

I would actually recommend first when we are healing but still seeking clarity is to pull out an oracle deck that resonates with you. One thats clear and nurturing. A quick four card spread to support you to receive clarity on the situation can slowly begin shifting our perspective which opens the door for a little more healing.


The Difference between Intuitive & Emotional Responses

This one can be a little tricky and one I worked hard on because my intuition was so strong I received not only feelings but visions and I actually couldn’t tell what was a vision or imagination  but when we practice every day we slowly see and feel the difference.

Feelings: strong emotional responses can also be intuitive and that is something we need to work on personally. You can be guided through this by someone experienced in this area but no one can teach you that only you can be aware of it by listening to yourself, really listening every day. The more we practice the clearer it becomes.

For example: meeting someone for the first time but you feel a little uneasy. That’s not say they’re a bad person it could be they are carrying a little more emotion than usual, they could be stressed, they could be stuck in a conditioned emotional pattern and the uncomfortable feeling you’re feeling is an intuitive response that you may not get on with one another down the track but sometimes we push away that intuitive response because superficially ‘things look good’…. noticed I said ‘look good’.

Intuition is the unheard language but if we choose to make it our primary language and really pay attention to what we feel it becomes our first line of communication and cuts through the illusion of the superficial of ‘things looking good’ really it cuts through the bullshit and we see the truth of how things really are.

When our intuitive responses become emotional its our authentic self really trying to get our attention that ‘something isn’t right’ and you’re not paying attention and the more you ignore this feeling it grows and you become more emotional and reactive till something gives.


Very clearly intuition is a knowing. There’s no doubt when we receive something ‘we just know’. It comes from a sacred place, our higher consciousness. Be prepared to feel emotional when we learn to read the cards this is just our emotional patterns that we are slowly becoming aware of and pulling it off from our all seeing eye. If we don’t raise awareness around our emotional body it becomes blocked and doesn’t flow and we view the world through veils of feelings so we aren’t seeing with clear eyes.

I wish I could share more in this post but it is a very sensitive and complex subject one that needs to be shared in person and yes I will be offering this in the future but for now to really get to know the difference is honestly journal what you feel from reading the cards. Pay attention to what you feeling with people and situations and journal that too because when you begin to log this down then you can see for yourself a pattern forming with what is intuition and what makes you emotional and why. Very powerful and one that we need to master on this journey… xxx





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