The Wisdom of The Tower

I love the Tower card. I’m grateful when it shows up in a reading for myself or a client it shows an opportunity for growth and it isn’t confronting to look at? The essence of the meaning of the card is beautifully depicted in most decks I’ve viewed and for me personally its a cherished one out the twenty two major arcana cards.

The Tower is usually seen as the materialistic card out of the 22 major arcana. Really what has happened is life has been created on an unstable foundation of fear and unresolved emotions and the ‘picture’ of our life is exactly that its a picture lacking authentic essence so when the Tower shows up in a reading be sure to know some external influence (usually) will rattle the foundation of life so whats not real will fall away so we can have the opportunity to rebuild life  from our authentic self.

We have externalised our lack of self love whether it is material possessions, hiding our worth behind a job label or becoming dependent on relationships around us to fill the void of our low self esteem and our lack of self belief. Usually always this is the case and when lightning strikes in our world and what isn’t real falls around us it is an opportunity to go deep and look at the wounds that are in need of healing so we can love ourself wholly.

It’s the opportunity for emotional and spiritual growth and I associate the Tower with serpent medicine a transmutation of energy on every level; physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. Yep it’s a challenge and a call from your higher self that it’s time to go deeper and see life with clearer eyes.

If the Tower seems to be an ongoing theme in cards I recommend taking some reflective time to go deep and to really be honest with yourself and see what your intuitive self is trying to tell you because it’s unavoidable the Tower will fall anyway so we can really grasp the learning of what we need to know.

Ask yourself where are you not being true to you? …. xxx






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