Owl Medicine and The Moon Card

Just one of the many beautiful things having a strong relationship with the Earth gifts you, is receiving medicine and sharing it with anyone that is willing to listen.

Connecting outside yesterday,  I received a vision of an Owl and how we are to connect with Owl medicine to support us with the next wave of energy our planet will be experiencing. When She moves we move with Her. To help connect with Owl Medicine we can use the energy of The Moon card.

Owl Medicine is connected to intuitive and psychic ability it supports us to trust ourselves. Owl teaches us to see within our own darkness and to see through the darkness of others to not only protect ourselves when we need protecting but through exploring our own fear and emotion we receive insight and retrieve the light from the darkness and have a deeper understanding of fears and heavier emotions.

Owl also shows us where we are deceiving ourselves again taking us deep to explore the emotions that are distorting our clarity. The Owl and Moon card go hand in hand. Through the exploration of our shadow self we retrieve wisdom and courage to face our fears allowing for our creative energy to flow through connecting to a clearer channel with our divine self.

If this calls to you, use The Moon card to explore any fears that have surfaced at this time. Begin with emotions that are heavy or uncomfortable and begin journalling from there having The Moon card to gaze upon while you write. This meditative exercise, you will be surprise how deep it will take you.




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