Introducing the Dark Goddess 

I wanted to do a brief post on the Dark Goddess and the exploration, connection and study of the Dark Goddess which I will be sharing more of as this is my own personal path with Her and how we can use the tarot to connect with Her and to deepen aspects of ourselves. I believe a very big reason why the world is in the mess it’s in today because we have done and still do everything we can to try and silence and not acknowledge Her presence though regardless She is still speaks just in a more destructive form when we don’t allow Her to flow within our lives.

First I want to debunk the myths that the Dark Goddess is negative. She is not. She is the Mystery itself, the darkness where everything begins and every returns to. She is also light. Think of darkness. It can be peaceful and loving, an endless calming nothingness, think of the night sky and how peaceful that is. How about the beautiful womb space where life grows until it’s ready to see the light or a seed in darkness till it’s ready to push through the surface with its first leafy shoots. Darkness carries duality like all things from nature and withholding expression of our light when it’s ready to be seen can be tumultuous and be seen as darker emotions. Our human qualities of light and dark include heavier and darker emotions such as anger, jealousy, frustration, sadness, grief, rage etc is qualities in the mythologies of both light and dark Goddesses so we can not only relate but learn to understand our humanness and get to the source of connecting with the Goddess herself. She is hidden within our own darkness and to understand and connect with Her we must be courageous to confront our own fears and shadow selves.

I think it’s here where so many fear Her because to connect and understand Her we must confront the shadow parts of who we are and confront any fears and heavy emotions to receive the light of Her, of ourselves. She is both light and dark though we must take the journey into our own darkness to know and connect with Her, to know the light and wisdom She brings into our lives and to discover and connect to our own light.

People fear Dark Goddesses because they naturally evoke our own darkness we keep hidden from ourselves and deny the acknowledgement that it exists. We deny this for many reasons and the reasons can be different and personal for each individual but one we all share which society has created is a feeling there is something wrong with who we are by having and expressing darker emotions shaming and silencing our personal power. As if we haven’t already in our childhoods so we continue to push down the very part of our own light waiting in the darkness for our presence, the very essence of who we are and our own pathway to true emotional and spiritual freedom.

This is taught for really one main reason, to control. If we are fearful and insecure of our very own nature and oppress the true nature of who we are it’s much easier to brainwash and control and when we don’t own all of who we are parts of ourselves belong to someone else whether we are aware of it or not. If we’re feeling insecure we are more than likely to follow whatever we’re being taught we ‘should’ do from a source outside of ourselves.

You can’t control a person if they own their power and love both sides of themselves which is what the Dark Goddess teaches us.

There are many Dark Goddesses but I will share my own experiences with the three Dark Goddesses I walk with: Kali Ma, The Morrighan and Hecate. I look forward to sharing so much more in hope that some of what I share is embraced so the person who reads this begins to love and connect with the Mystery of who they are and sees the beauty and love within their own darkness.

There is nothing to fear but the true greatness of who you are. They’ll be a part two to this very soon. XXXX

The Morrighan – artist unknown


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