Intention and Focus Tarot Spread

Each year around this time I reflect on how my year went and what I want to focus on in the coming year.  There’s always some fear that shows itself. Whether you feel a little disappointed for not accomplishing what you put out to do or fear of what you do want to accomplish in the following year..or both! 

Regardless it’s a great time to get clear in your personal and business life and I want to share the tarot spread I use to journal on with everything I mentioned above with the intention to get clear with direction and the emotional body. This is one I created myself. 

Intention & Focus Tarot Spread

Draw two cards (or more if you feel) for each question. One for personal looking at where you are now. The second for business, same question for both. For this to really work for you journalling is needed. Don’t overthink the answers just write what comes through, let the cards speak to you. 

1. How do I truthfully feel about my personal/business life right now? 

2. What do I need to change to be more aligned with myself/vision? 

3. What do I need to let go of?

4. What emotional blocks do I need to confront to move forward towards love and abundance in both personal and business? 

5. What new energy/ideas are wanting my attention? Is there any fears manifesting this new energy/ideas? And if so what are they? 

6. What small steps can I take to implement authentic change?

7. Finally, what can I love and accept more about myself? 
Journalling with this spread is a must and it’s a spread you can use anytime of the year to get aligned with your direction but it’s one I pull out twice a year. I use it for this time and again June/July. Would love to hear your thoughts if you do use this spread how clear it was for you. Feel free to send me an email xxx



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