Temperance – Bringing Real Balance in Our Lives 

This deck of cards live in my main living area and I also have another on my bedside table. They consist of the major arcana cards only from the traditional tarot system from the Visconti deck. 

This is what I do to deepen my connection with the tarot system and raise awareness around my own self growth.  I shuffle the cards consisting of the major arcana cards only and choose one or three cards that I will be working with for what’s to come in my life. Never in my 16 years of doing this practice has it ever been wrong. It’s an awesome intuitive practice.

Temperance is what was chosen and I had a feeling to share the energy of Temperance because more than ever in this world we need some fucking Temperance energy! 

Temperance is about balance, integrating aspects of ourselves we may keep separate in different parts of our lives. This separation causes a lot of stress that most of us are conditioned to accept. We’re taught to not be ourselves in certain situations and ‘roles’ in our worlds because it’s not the ‘right’ thing to do. 

Just fuck that. This type of thinking needs to fuck off. 

Balance, I believe comes from self acceptance and healing those aspects that maybe off balance, which if we really think and reflect on is not giving ourselves permission to BE ourselves. For how many reasons we have held back from truly expressing and being ourselves because we may not have been aware of these conditioned behavioural patterns. This is a build up of unexpressed energy and emotion that eventually breaks and usually in the most chaotic ways to create healthy change. 

It’s a growing awareness around these patterns, our wounds that keep us in these patterns, and what triggers these wounds to slip back into these patterns. This is what we need to get to know intimately and it’s here we begin to create balance in our life and learning to feel with awareness and changing our behaviour. This is what working with dark and light means. It’s not ‘dark’ as most people see it like its bad stuff, it means our emotions are in darkness when they are internalised -kept inside, when we express them they become light because there are seen and moved. It’s the constant internalisation of our emotions that throws us off balance. 

Think about it, without knowing this how can we create true balance knowing that it would be so very easy to slip unaware back into these behaviours. 

And it’s time loves, it’s just fucking time to be ourselves.