Blunt as Fuck Tarot Readings

** Please note gorgeous loves, if you would like to book a reading with no fuckery go here -> if not keep reading 🙂  

Why you ask did I create this? Just to fucking be.

I have a really hard time with the lack of embracing our human qualities in the spiritual community. I’m sick to fuck with the love and lighters, I feel like I can’t talk to anyone anymore because of the constant prissy bullshit language used and how people are constantly comparing how much light they have coming out of their arseholes.

I really dislike the bullshit nature of it all and so many clients come to me confused as fuck because they want to grow and connect with their real self to be told they’re doing it wrong.

Well you know what? You’re not, you’re doing it your way and you’re rockin it. And yes it is completely normal to feel like shit, depressed or pissed off for however long at times. It doesn’t make you any less human if anything honey you’re embracing your humanity.

These readings are to keep everything real like two mates sitting back having a glass of red.

If you would like to book an email me at and let me know which one calls to you darlin. Paypal is available.

You can book a standard reading with no fuckery here ->  soul readings are also available here ->

One Card Tarot Reading with Clairvoyance via EmailA one card reading emailed to you for a question you need answering or you’re feeling stuck and you need help pulling your head out of your arse. Happy to give ya a hand mate. Exchange $30.

Blunt as Fuck 3 Card Tarot Reading with Clairvoyance via Email – A 3 card tarot spread with clairvoyance via email for those poor cunts that may need a reading but cash is a bit short. All good babes I’ve got ya. Truth and clarity to get your arse back into swing. Exchange $55.

Blunt as Fuck 30 Minute Tarot Reading via Email – 30 min tarot email reading with clairvoyance full of clarity, truth and fuckery. Let’s bring real back. Let’s sit back like 2 friends having a beer. Exchange is $65 to $85 (paid on a sliding scale of what you can afford.

To book please email: