Intuitive Astrology 

There is nothing more informative and empowering than knowing the chart you were born with and your yearly aspects.

It offers vital information to what’s happening in your life and why and the best way to manage, end or begin something new. It’s your own soul map. Astrology is one of the most useful tools to knowing who you are and the direction and purpose that’s laid out for you.

With my mediumship ability, not only can I deliver this information to you but look into it with information from spirit and give you more than the usual insight you would receive from other astrologers.

I have my own unique way of reading charts. Full birth charts and yearly aspects are offered via Skype if you want a more personal touch and the space to ask questions or it can be delivered to you via email.

Full birth chart via Skype or email: this session goes until it’s finished I usually ask clients to place an hour and a half aside. You will also receive your chart typed and sent to you via email. Exchange $130

Full birth chart with yearly aspects via Skype or email: yearly aspects is what astrological aspects will be influencing your life and why. This can be a major relief if you’re experiencing hardship. Knowing why and how to navigate it offers such peace of mind. For most people when they know, they stop struggling and move with the changes they have no choice but to move with. You will also receive this typed and sent to your email. Exchange: $180

Yearly Astrolgical Aspects: this is offered via Skype of email. Yearly Astrolgical aspects that will influence significant changes in your life. Exchange is $120

Email me at to book your astrological session.