Tarot Teaching & Mentoring


Are you wanting to learn tarot and strengthen your intuition but want a more personal one on one experience?

Mentorship sessions are now available.

I’ve studied the tarot in depth for 24 years and currently creating my own deck. I’m a natural born medium and have been reading for clients since I was 16 (now 41) and I would love to assist and support you to deepen your connection with your intuition and your relationship with the tarot system.

Mentorship sessions and packages are offered in person and online.



Single Sessions: 2 hours per session – $150 – this session is perfect if you just have some questions you need answering and/or stuck on your own personal journey with the tarot.

6 x Sessions: 12 hours of mentoring – $750.00 – for in-depth one on one training with the tarot system including how to deepen and strengthen your connection with your intuition.



Single sessions: 2 hours per session via Skype


Phone and email combined

Exchange: $150.00

6 x Sessions (12 hours): $750.00 –


If you would like to book a session email me here – wildlyunearthed@gmail.com



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