Temperance – Bringing Real Balance in Our Lives 

This deck of cards live in my main living area and I also have another on my bedside table. They consist of the major arcana cards only from the traditional tarot system from the Visconti deck. 

This is what I do to deepen my connection with the tarot system and raise awareness around my own self growth.  I shuffle the cards consisting of the major arcana cards only and choose one or three cards that I will be working with for what’s to come in my life. Never in my 16 years of doing this practice has it ever been wrong. It’s an awesome intuitive practice.

Temperance is what was chosen and I had a feeling to share the energy of Temperance because more than ever in this world we need some fucking Temperance energy! 

Temperance is about balance, integrating aspects of ourselves we may keep separate in different parts of our lives. This separation causes a lot of stress that most of us are conditioned to accept. We’re taught to not be ourselves in certain situations and ‘roles’ in our worlds because it’s not the ‘right’ thing to do. 

Just fuck that. This type of thinking needs to fuck off. 

Balance, I believe comes from self acceptance and healing those aspects that maybe off balance, which if we really think and reflect on is not giving ourselves permission to BE ourselves. For how many reasons we have held back from truly expressing and being ourselves because we may not have been aware of these conditioned behavioural patterns. This is a build up of unexpressed energy and emotion that eventually breaks and usually in the most chaotic ways to create healthy change. 

It’s a growing awareness around these patterns, our wounds that keep us in these patterns, and what triggers these wounds to slip back into these patterns. This is what we need to get to know intimately and it’s here we begin to create balance in our life and learning to feel with awareness and changing our behaviour. This is what working with dark and light means. It’s not ‘dark’ as most people see it like its bad stuff, it means our emotions are in darkness when they are internalised -kept inside, when we express them they become light because there are seen and moved. It’s the constant internalisation of our emotions that throws us off balance. 

Think about it, without knowing this how can we create true balance knowing that it would be so very easy to slip unaware back into these behaviours. 

And it’s time loves, it’s just fucking time to be ourselves. 


Intention and Focus Tarot Spread

Each year around this time I reflect on how my year went and what I want to focus on in the coming year.  There’s always some fear that shows itself. Whether you feel a little disappointed for not accomplishing what you put out to do or fear of what you do want to accomplish in the following year..or both! 

Regardless it’s a great time to get clear in your personal and business life and I want to share the tarot spread I use to journal on with everything I mentioned above with the intention to get clear with direction and the emotional body. This is one I created myself. 

Intention & Focus Tarot Spread

Draw two cards (or more if you feel) for each question. One for personal looking at where you are now. The second for business, same question for both. For this to really work for you journalling is needed. Don’t overthink the answers just write what comes through, let the cards speak to you. 

1. How do I truthfully feel about my personal/business life right now? 

2. What do I need to change to be more aligned with myself/vision? 

3. What do I need to let go of?

4. What emotional blocks do I need to confront to move forward towards love and abundance in both personal and business? 

5. What new energy/ideas are wanting my attention? Is there any fears manifesting this new energy/ideas? And if so what are they? 

6. What small steps can I take to implement authentic change?

7. Finally, what can I love and accept more about myself? 
Journalling with this spread is a must and it’s a spread you can use anytime of the year to get aligned with your direction but it’s one I pull out twice a year. I use it for this time and again June/July. Would love to hear your thoughts if you do use this spread how clear it was for you. Feel free to send me an email xxx


Introducing the Dark Goddess 

I wanted to do a brief post on the Dark Goddess and the exploration, connection and study of the Dark Goddess which I will be sharing more of as this is my own personal path with Her and how we can use the tarot to connect with Her and to deepen aspects of ourselves. I believe a very big reason why the world is in the mess it’s in today because we have done and still do everything we can to try and silence and not acknowledge Her presence though regardless She is still speaks just in a more destructive form when we don’t allow Her to flow within our lives.

First I want to debunk the myths that the Dark Goddess is negative. She is not. She is the Mystery itself, the darkness where everything begins and every returns to. She is also light. Think of darkness. It can be peaceful and loving, an endless calming nothingness, think of the night sky and how peaceful that is. How about the beautiful womb space where life grows until it’s ready to see the light or a seed in darkness till it’s ready to push through the surface with its first leafy shoots. Darkness carries duality like all things from nature and withholding expression of our light when it’s ready to be seen can be tumultuous and be seen as darker emotions. Our human qualities of light and dark include heavier and darker emotions such as anger, jealousy, frustration, sadness, grief, rage etc is qualities in the mythologies of both light and dark Goddesses so we can not only relate but learn to understand our humanness and get to the source of connecting with the Goddess herself. She is hidden within our own darkness and to understand and connect with Her we must be courageous to confront our own fears and shadow selves.

I think it’s here where so many fear Her because to connect and understand Her we must confront the shadow parts of who we are and confront any fears and heavy emotions to receive the light of Her, of ourselves. She is both light and dark though we must take the journey into our own darkness to know and connect with Her, to know the light and wisdom She brings into our lives and to discover and connect to our own light.

People fear Dark Goddesses because they naturally evoke our own darkness we keep hidden from ourselves and deny the acknowledgement that it exists. We deny this for many reasons and the reasons can be different and personal for each individual but one we all share which society has created is a feeling there is something wrong with who we are by having and expressing darker emotions shaming and silencing our personal power. As if we haven’t already in our childhoods so we continue to push down the very part of our own light waiting in the darkness for our presence, the very essence of who we are and our own pathway to true emotional and spiritual freedom.

This is taught for really one main reason, to control. If we are fearful and insecure of our very own nature and oppress the true nature of who we are it’s much easier to brainwash and control and when we don’t own all of who we are parts of ourselves belong to someone else whether we are aware of it or not. If we’re feeling insecure we are more than likely to follow whatever we’re being taught we ‘should’ do from a source outside of ourselves.

You can’t control a person if they own their power and love both sides of themselves which is what the Dark Goddess teaches us.

There are many Dark Goddesses but I will share my own experiences with the three Dark Goddesses I walk with: Kali Ma, The Morrighan and Hecate. I look forward to sharing so much more in hope that some of what I share is embraced so the person who reads this begins to love and connect with the Mystery of who they are and sees the beauty and love within their own darkness.

There is nothing to fear but the true greatness of who you are. They’ll be a part two to this very soon. XXXX

The Morrighan – artist unknown

Owl Medicine and The Moon Card

Just one of the many beautiful things having a strong relationship with the Earth gifts you, is receiving medicine and sharing it with anyone that is willing to listen.

Connecting outside yesterday,  I received a vision of an Owl and how we are to connect with Owl medicine to support us with the next wave of energy our planet will be experiencing. When She moves we move with Her. To help connect with Owl Medicine we can use the energy of The Moon card.

Owl Medicine is connected to intuitive and psychic ability it supports us to trust ourselves. Owl teaches us to see within our own darkness and to see through the darkness of others to not only protect ourselves when we need protecting but through exploring our own fear and emotion we receive insight and retrieve the light from the darkness and have a deeper understanding of fears and heavier emotions.

Owl also shows us where we are deceiving ourselves again taking us deep to explore the emotions that are distorting our clarity. The Owl and Moon card go hand in hand. Through the exploration of our shadow self we retrieve wisdom and courage to face our fears allowing for our creative energy to flow through connecting to a clearer channel with our divine self.

If this calls to you, use The Moon card to explore any fears that have surfaced at this time. Begin with emotions that are heavy or uncomfortable and begin journalling from there having The Moon card to gaze upon while you write. This meditative exercise, you will be surprise how deep it will take you.



Soul Dive with the Four of Cups

Oh to be back in tarot land! With my own practice I haven’t left, I never leave, tarot is part of my spiritual practice and always will be. I’ve had to nurture other business areas of my life before I went deep again and throughout the time I’ve explored new decks and really working with some of the images in certain decks while I nurtured business and took another deep soul dive.

Through this soul dive more layers peeled away and a renewed sense of vulnerability has appeared which is just so freeing and lovely and I want to share with you which cards I’ve been working with through this time. After exploring and connecting with unique decks I have a habit of going back to traditional decks because I find that it deepens my connection to the tarot system. After exploring and connecting with unique artwork, colours, symbolism and meanings going back to the traditional decks for me deepens the connection to the traditional decks which I can almost physically feel the ‘drop’ in my body and the deepening connection with my own spirit. All I can say after 6 months of exploring and connecting with non traditional decks pick up the Tarot of Marseille, Visconti Sforza, Ancient Italian Tarot or the Rider Waite- Smith tarot and tell me the difference in your tarot study I’ll be interested to hear your experience.

There’s been a few decks I’ve been connecting with at this time. The first is the Ancestral Path Tarot which for me as soon as I turn over the cards I see words of insight. I’ve also been loving the Morgan-Greer tarot which to be honest has been a huge surprise because this deck I’ve seen so many times over the years and just felt ‘nup’ but through this soul dive I’ve been so drawn to bold colours and I have to say its now one of my favourite decks.


Ancestral Path Tarot


Morgan Greer Tarot


The card I really worked with through this time is the 4 of Cups and The Empress. Two which was relevant both intuitively chosen and man o man did the 4 of Cups speak to me. It’s a card I’m not really bothered by usually but I was just so deep and caught with decision making which is very unlike me, I was also ready to throw what I love to do in which is REALLY unlike me but even though I knew logically what I had to do my emotional body was screaming ‘fuck off I’m no good’ yes so you get how deep I went 😀

I was stuck so I used the four of cups from the Morgan Greer deck and journalled for one week straight which helped me break the heavy negative self belief feelings. This is what I got this time around working with the 4 of Cups is yes it’s all there in front of you and yes a decision needs to be made but almost always we need to go deep if we’re feeling caught. The thing is I’m rarely caught with my emotions I have no problem going deep, I don’t fear what I feel no matter how messy but if we are stuck man we have to go deep and do the work especially when you know you are The Empress, we all are, but there are times we have to move through deep conditioned shitty feelings to really know that on a deeper level so we can create on a higher level.

The Empress honestly just moved me to tears the whole time 😀 seriously because I wasn’t feeling her or good enough so she helped me release. Where would we be without our beloved tarot?! Anyway lovelies I’m sorry for the lack of presence on this blog there will be times where the deep inner work needs to be done but I will always return and look forward to sharing more in the near future. xxxx

The Wisdom of The Tower

I love the Tower card. I’m grateful when it shows up in a reading for myself or a client it shows an opportunity for growth and it isn’t confronting to look at? The essence of the meaning of the card is beautifully depicted in most decks I’ve viewed and for me personally its a cherished one out the twenty two major arcana cards.

The Tower is usually seen as the materialistic card out of the 22 major arcana. Really what has happened is life has been created on an unstable foundation of fear and unresolved emotions and the ‘picture’ of our life is exactly that its a picture lacking authentic essence so when the Tower shows up in a reading be sure to know some external influence (usually) will rattle the foundation of life so whats not real will fall away so we can have the opportunity to rebuild life  from our authentic self.

We have externalised our lack of self love whether it is material possessions, hiding our worth behind a job label or becoming dependent on relationships around us to fill the void of our low self esteem and our lack of self belief. Usually always this is the case and when lightning strikes in our world and what isn’t real falls around us it is an opportunity to go deep and look at the wounds that are in need of healing so we can love ourself wholly.

It’s the opportunity for emotional and spiritual growth and I associate the Tower with serpent medicine a transmutation of energy on every level; physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. Yep it’s a challenge and a call from your higher self that it’s time to go deeper and see life with clearer eyes.

If the Tower seems to be an ongoing theme in cards I recommend taking some reflective time to go deep and to really be honest with yourself and see what your intuitive self is trying to tell you because it’s unavoidable the Tower will fall anyway so we can really grasp the learning of what we need to know.

Ask yourself where are you not being true to you? …. xxx





Tea & Tarot with Darker Themed Decks

I had a few people ask me about darker themed decks in the last week. I’m a lover of darker themed decks if theres one out there that calls to me you’ll be sure to know I’ll own it. The questions I get asked a lot is why I work with them so much and really just why? 🙂

Darker themed decks take me deeper than those that aren’t. To be honest I see more in the dark. I know the learning and wisdom that comes from confronting my shadow self and I feel very comfortable being honest with myself. That’s not to say that its a comfy ride but its necessary and I know this is where balance and embracing our humanity lies.

I know many people don’t understand that especially when we live in a world that constantly drives us to be happy and high on life all the time which is one of the many reasons why people feel so uncertain of who they are. The constant comparison to others and wondering if they’re ok because they’re not happy all the time but fuck who is!

Darker themed tarot art takes me deep into myself so I can become aware of things that I may not have known before, it also takes me deep to retrieve the answers I’m searching for. Being a medium when you receive visions they come from darkness. The inner screen is black, the peaceful nothingness so there’s a deep comfort in that for me and also when I scry darker colours I SEE.

It’s also interesting watching clients and friends reactions to darker themed tarots and I have to say I really enjoy that factor also because it instantly gives you a glimpse of their inner world by the way they react to the art. That’s an awesome conversation starter itself and without even reading the cards discussing the art work and what feelings it provokes is a mini self exploration right there. So there you go a very short and sweet post for those that have emailed and messaged me this week hope thats food for thought and why I’m drawn to darkness so much 😉 it comes from a place of deep appreciation.