The Wheel of Fortune

As Lammas approaches in the southern hemisphere, I felt it was appropriate to connect with the Wheel of Fortune in the tarot as we give thanks to Earth Mother for a fruitful harvest and reflect on what we have experienced and learnt throughout the year so far. It’s a time to reflect on change as the wheel turns, the days will become shorter as the Great  Mother prepares for the Crone aspect as we head towards the colder months.

Change. We all struggle with accepting change when it first appears. It is human nature to fear the unknown. It naturally brings up emotion and uncertainty because what we’re really preparing for is allowing something to come to an end, surrendering to  death, allowing it to transform who we are to birth something new.

I don’t believe it’s always the physical act of change that makes change so challenging but more the powerful emotions it provokes as we permit it to transform our lives. If we consider the wounds we carry around change along with the natural fear human beings have of the unknown which exacerbates what we feel it’s no surprise we resist change, yet as the saying goes, ‘ the only constant thing is change’.

“Energy flows it is not meant to stay still.”

I see change and chaotic change as two different things. There’s change where we may change our jobs or end a relationship, then there’s change where many changes happen at once or one after another and there is no rest from the emotional turmoil to gather our thoughts and feelings but to surrender to the whole process and give in to what we are feeling.

So let’s look at the Wheel of Fortune in the tarot system so we can separate from the physical change even if it’s for an hour and tend to what’s happening within and grasp at least some of what we are feeling in hope for some clarity to make the transition a little smoother.

The Wheel of Fortune represents the Great Mystery. The energy which creates and binds all life. It is the deeper meaning behind each experience and an opportunity to heal through change and heal the wounds we carry around change because let’s face it, most people want to be in control though it is an illusion to think we are which many hang onto and an illusion which creates so much discomfort and turmoil.

When we hang onto a thought, feeling, a belief system, an expectation, without allowing room for change, we are not only setting ourselves up for a whole lot of discomfort but blocking ourselves to live our life to its full potential. It is what we think should happen and not accepting what is in front of us that we need to surrender to, accept and tend to. It takes trust and belief in self knowing however and wherever this journey takes us we have the strength, clarity and willingness to understand and grow through the experience and steer it with enough room to accept that there will be many detours and curves along the way.  It’s learning to trust in the unknown and see it for what it is – the great mystery, the divine, a surrender to spirit, a surrender to your authentic self.

Reflection and Journalling on the Wheel of Fortune

Some of the most simplest but most profound questions can make a whole lot of difference to our life direction when journalling on the Wheel of Fortune.  The questions to journal and reflect on while gazing into the card image and journalling on each one are:

How does change make you feel? .. and why?

When you consider surrendering to a situation you did not expect or have no control of,  what emotions come to the surface? Which emotion is the most dominate one and why?   Once you have the answer to this question, take it a little deeper and connect it to an experience which made you feel this way in childhood then journal on this experience. Remember to be aware of this in the future knowing when unexpected change or when you feel you’re not in control of a situation, these feelings will be triggered. This is one of the most important lessons to grasp when exploring your inner world to be aware of what triggers powerful wounding, grasping a solid understanding around it and allowing yourself to feel these feelings without placing belief into what you feel but allowing it to move through you.

Do you trust what you intuitively feel? .. and if not why not? What emotional blocks are you aware of that you need to work through so you can trust your intuition? When did you first realise you don’t trust your intuition? Write about the experience. 

These questions will help you begin healing around change and help you connect with the Wheel of Fortune on a deeper level giving you more clarity to read the card when it appears in a spread.

Wheel of Fortune from The Mary El Tarot.
Wheel of Fortune from The Mary El Tarot.







Reflection with the Four of Pentacles

The major arcana cards aren’t the only cards we can heal with, every card in the tarot deck is a source of healing and growth. I decided to write about the 4 of pentacles tonight and there’s reasons for that which I will share in a moment. Please know with each card I write about it goes a lot deeper but I can’t share it all in one post but can share different views, journal and healing prompts so we can ‘own the cards’.

One of the few things the Four of Pentacles symbolise is selfishness, someone dependent on materialism, someone using materialism to protect themselves from hurt even if it may come across as financial pain beneath that the wound its always emotional. It can also symbolise a healthy need to be selfish, creating a structure for self after chaos and what I was reflecting on that drove me to share was the massive amounts of selfishness nowadays.

I believe reflecting upon this card can give us an insight on where we stand within ourselves. Lets begin with materialism. Now this is an interesting subject to raise because it brings up deep emotions and misunderstandings between people. Myself personally I get off on simplicity. I live pretty simply and have been ridiculed for it in the past by many people and have been questioned by many people for the way I live. Owning the most expensive car or wearing certain labels I have no interest in and I’m not saying those that do that its a bad thing its just not my bag it never has been.

So if we look at the Rider Waite image of a man holding onto the pentacle across his heart symbolising self protection and also blocking the flow of connection with others. When we hold onto material things too much we do block our authentic flow. The pentacle on the crown chakra is blocking his connection to spirit and sharing with others, the two pentacles beneath his feet can symbolise lack of connection to the Earth and a lack of grounding and not seeing the situation with clarity which is very much the case if we hold onto materialism too tightly and can also be the case for not honouring it either.





So there’s a healthy medium somewhere between. I think all of us have some emotional issue with money and materialism and we all have differing opinions. In readings this also can be someone that is too fearful to open their heart to another regardless I see this as needing to open the heart and spirit flow and connect with Mother Earth because I believe if we open to all the above the fear of materialism will come up now and again for sure thats pretty healthy and normal at times living in a physical world BUT we also open the authentic flow of true abundance in every area of our life by learning to trust ourselves and let go.


Journal Prompts: Four of Pentacles

Having the card in front of you with a journal and pen begin with this question: Do you nourish your spirit well? On all levels physical, emotional and spiritual. Write your response and be as honest as you can. Write the whys and why nots and what changes you can make to achieve healthy nourishment. Also expand on this and go deeper by exploring what are the emotional triggers to treat yourself in ways where you are lacking. This is very healing it also makes you aware of the emotional triggers in the future which is really important to know.

Do you live with an open heart? If not why not? and if so can do you really feel you’re in full flow and if not where do you feel you can improve to expand your heart even more so?

Next lets move to the crown chakra. Do you have a strong connection with spirit? Do you enjoy sharing with others whether its materialism or emotional, where do you feel you can improve on all the above?

Lastly lets look at your relationship with our Mother. Our relationship with our Mother Earth is just as an important with our relationship with ourselves without both there’s no balance.

Do you have a relationship with the Earth? Do you spend time listening to Her when you connect with nature? How often do you connect with nature? And if you don’t why not? What fears do you have connecting with the planet that gives so much?

How do you feel when you do connect with nature? Do you feel emotional? Clear? Uncertain? Joyous? Write down your response.

We have just covered by looking at the image the main areas where he’s blocked in the card and opened that doorway to self discovery and healing 🙂 not bad huh?


We can take the Four of Pentacles much deeper and we can use this card for a check in to see where we are lacking and where we are growing. Pretty cool hey? 🙂 One of the thousand reasons why I love tarot so much.

I also quickly want to mention I haven’t posted last week because I’m knee deep creating two new websites one of them is a new website for my art annnnddddd I’m currently creating my own tarot deck which I will share at some point… 🙂 xoxo



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It’s Ok Not to Reverse

Card reversals, to reverse or not to reverse?

Let me begin by saying we all read tarot in our own way. I have heard of teachers who would get angry with their students if they read the cards differently to how they were taught. Reading tarot is a personal thing in my opinion there’s no right or wrong only what feels right for the seeker/seer like everything in life we have to trust our own feeling over the opinions of others. Myself as a teacher the only thing I would encourage is the study of the traditional symbols of the major and minor arcana as there is so much knowledge in knowing about the traditional symbols after learning this  the way you choose to read is your own. My 15 year old daughter vaguely knows the meanings of the cards but she reads with such accuracy because she goes with her feeling and that is what needs to be encouraged; find your own way.

I teach reversals as I feel there’s much knowledge and wisdom to receive knowing about reading the cards upside down but personally when I read for clients or myself I don’t use reversals because it doesn’t feel right for me. It’s just something that doesn’t work for me it never has although I know the insight behind reversals and when I read if what I receive is similar feeling to a reversal I would naturally share that information. Why I bring this up is some teachers are so forceful with how the tarot is read I don’t believe it should be like that in any form of teaching it’s our job to guide you through the knowledge and also guide you to work with your intuition to find your own way.

I also would like to add the tarot carries light and shadow in the upright position for each card even though some cards may be positive such as The Sun card but it also depends on the reading and where it lies in the spread. The most important thing about learning anything is you not only love it 😀 if you’re a tarot nerd like myself but you also love it especially through times of frustration. Frustration is part of learning and growth. Take the pressure off yourself if you don’t read in the traditional way don’t worry! if anything celebrate that you do read differently because it means you are connecting to a deeper part of you 🙂 xxx


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Revelations Tarot by Zach Wong  The Revelations tarot is a beautiful deck created with reversed images in the cards.
Revelations Tarot by Zach Wong
The Revelations tarot is a beautiful deck created with reversed images in the cards.

Solitude with The Hermit 

The Hermit is one of the most loved cards for me in the deck. 

It speaks strongly to me when it’s shown in a spread as I know I have to go within and be my own teacher and not be distracted by the outside world so I can connect with the my intuitive self and listen to what conditioned responses and emotions I need to let go of so I can allow my authentic self to take charge and slowly manifest the new changes and opportunities in my world.
When I feel overwhelmed at times and I know I need to stop everything to listen to my inner world I draw out The Hermit card from the deck, shuffle the cards and pull another 3 cards which can give me insight to what it is I need to work on and why I feel fearful to stop what I’m doing.
We’ve all been there yeah where we get caught in our fears and feel we have to keep going because otherwise we will ‘fall behind’ but in actual fact we’re just running on fear and emotion that is needing our presence and to give it the attention it needs we need to stop and slow everything right down.
The Hermit can also symbolise a teacher coming into our life and although yes there are times we need to connect with someone that can guide us through situations and possibilities in our life ultimately I believe The Hermit is here to show us that we are our own teacher.
If we choose seek solitude and take time to get to know our true self we will see all the answers we are seeking  are already there inside of us but it takes time to deepen the relationship with Self but it’s also the most important relationship to have.
Many people don’t see The Hermit as a sign of deep change because usually always after a time of solitude life transforms.
Firstly it may be a little chaotic when change presents itself but the change is necessary as we cannot live how we once did and after a time of inward reflection we must always follow what we feel and create the changes in our outer world.
For someone that is wanting to take charge of their life or take charge in their current situation I encourage you to work with The Hermit.
Read up and study the meaning. Upright and reversed then go deeper and explore how this card feels to you.
How does the image feel to you?
What feelings surface with the thought of being self reliant and becoming your own teacher?
How do you feel about life transforming change? What fears arise? What are you afraid of changing and why?
Go deep. Allow your intuition, your inner light to guide you through the darkness.
Be your own teacher. Xxx
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Gather the Cards


So you’ve gathered the cards, love them dearly and yes the books have arrived and yes love laying out spreads but still you can’t really feel them speaking to you yet. Totally normal don’t panic it is flowing more than you know. It flows through subtly an energy begins to form between you and the cards even if it is frustration, uncertainty and sometimes even anger from being so frustrated but its forming and the relationship between you and the cards are speaking, you’re speaking through how you feel when you have them around you or in your hands whatever you’re feeling allow yourself to feel it. Don’t push it away, don’t distract it, don’t stop the connection between you and tarot system just allow it to be like any relationship that is intimate you WILL feel which is completely normal regardless of what society would like us to believe… keep going.

Within those moments of frustration journal it but before you do shuffle the cards and ask the question, ‘what’s blocking me from moving forward with my study with the tarot? I would go as far as saying just shuffle the major arcana cards and choose one and work with this card to reveal the fear and feelings behind the frustration.

You will see it actually isn’t the cards but our conditioned fear of deepening our relationship with ourself and with others. We are all so conditioned not to feel those scary emotions that are uncomfortable, taught to silence them, distract them and even be ashamed of them but we ALL feel them we’re human and our humanity is beautiful its definitely nothing to be ashamed of. We’re taught to distract our shadow selves (our heavier darker emotions) because it’s within the shadow, within the darkness is where light is born. Within the darkness is where you will find yourself… so be gentle and keep journalling the darker emotions, keep journalling through those times you feel numb or you feel nothing is moving it is moving you’re just feeling whats been locked away for some time.

The most important thing is to be gentle there’s no rush and you will be so pleasantly surprised what will be uncovered through this magical journey. So gather the cards it’s ok to feel. xxx


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The Devil card from the Mythic Tarot

Studying the Tarot: Where to Begin


I have met so many people and have engaged with so many clients wanting to study the tarot but have no idea where to begin. Getting to know 78 cards intimately sounds pretty daunting and a huge puzzle to work through. Thats what it feels like as a beginner because we’ve all been there but it was my passion for the cards that pushed me to research, to study and speak to others that were just as passionate as myself to explore further.

So how can 78 cards reveal the depths of me let alone be used for a divinatory tool? And where do I start? These are the three main questions I asked myself when I begun. What pulled me to the cards was the tool itself. It felt like an old remembering of using cards to tell the future and no we don’t need to use the cards just for this but that was my reason because I was born with the natural gift to see but I needed to decipher what was vision and what was my imagination, what was thought and what was an intuitive receiving and also what was emotion and what was an intuitive feeling. That sounds like a lot but I will eventually break it all down so it doesn’t sound like a huge task and more importantly enjoying the journey because it really is so enjoyable. It’s fascinating, surprising, confronting to the many doorways the tarot system can open for our own spiritual and healing journey.


So where to begin?

Really simply, first you will need to find a deck that you’re drawn to one where it engages your intuition, where it stirs feelings good or bad it doesn’t matter as long as it makes you feel and you enjoy looking at the images because you need to develop a personal relationship with the cards and like any relationship that is going to help you grow it needs to stir feeling and the images need to grab your attention where you enjoy looking at them.

I always advise beginning with a traditional deck or a deck that doesn’t steer too far away from the traditional deck. I highly recommend this because this is the foundation of the tarot and we need to understand the symbols and the traditional symbols itself which will unlock our subconscious where a wealth of knowledge and wisdom live but also the feelings and emotions we need to resolve. Resolving deep painful feelings will allow a clearer channel for our intuition and our authentic self to flow in allowing us to read the cards intuitively.

You will also need a journal because this is a healing journey ultimately and yes a lot to learn and jotting things down to remember what different symbols mean but also how they make you feel and any emotional feelings that may surface and feelings will surface both good and bad. I honesty believe that a lot of the time people are put off by the tarot  because it does bring up a lot of feelings which make people feel uncomfortable and this is a practice to get to know you and for you to have a deep and loving relationship with self and the Universe.


Creating Sacred Space to Study

Creating space to connect on a deeper level is essential. It truly is. My whole house is designed so as soon as I walk in the door I drop into that relaxed space where I can hear my authentic self speak. When we’re relaxed we can receive clearer messages from our intuitive self but more importantly we need to feel relaxed for our own well being too.

Incense, candles, lamps, comfortable cushions and chairs, crystals, flowers, pictures which make us feel good and connect us to a higher and deeper knowing, whatever you choose to use to connect to your sacred self do that. Place your tarot cards in a place where you know you will pick them up regularly during the day and night and this isn’t to always be in serious study space but just to relax and enjoy looking at the card images and developing a relationship with them. In your relaxed state allow them to speak to you, be aware of how each card speaks to you and how those feelings change from time to time. Get to know the symbols intimately, notice how the colours that are used in the cards make you feel and notice the feeling you sink into when you begin exploring the cards. Notice that quiet, calm and mysterious space and just be present there… it’s a beautiful space to be in and it’s this space where we open the deeper connection to nothingness to allow our intuition to speak.


Here’s a list of some traditional decks and some not so traditional decks to begin with which don’t steer to far from the traditional symbols:

Visconti Sforza Tarrochi Tarot
Tarot of Marcella
Secret Tarot
Rider Waite Smith Tarot
Universal Rider Waite Tarot deck
Anna K Tarot
Ancient Italian Tarot
Arthurian Tarot

Two books I recommend beginning your study with. I love these two books they live on my bedside table:

Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom by Rachel Pollack ~ I highly recommend any book written by Rachel Pollack. Her books are clear and knowledgable and fantastic to learn from.

Holistic Tarot by Benebell Wen ~ an absolute wealth of information again clear and full of so much knowledge.

Mary K. Greer is another great author of tarot books.


So I leave you with this little bit to get started with and I’ll see you all in the next post… and enjoy!! This is such an awesome journey and the best thing it is never ending! You’ll see… 🙂 xxx



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