The Myth

When I mention ‘shadow work’ most people don’t like to speak about it they avoid it at all costs even those that work in areas supporting others to heal. Strange as it may seem but us humans don’t like to feel uncomfortable which I get BUT it’s our make up, we’re humans we feel everything and avoidance doesn’t work it just makes it worse.

I understand we’ve all been conditioned to oppress how we feel thats our inner work, our golden box of wisdom right there that needs to be handled with loving care but the box needs to be opened and remain open if we want to experience true happiness. This myth that we have to be happy all the time seems to be a strong belief still for many people but please its not real far from it.

I know it may seem weird to explain the duality of life, the universe, the planet, everything but we have ‘evolved’ as people to believe this myth and you know if you have oppressed your shadow side, the heavier emotions for 30 plus years expect to feel like shit often from there on. Why? because now you’ve awakened from the myth and although you may feel your world is spiralling out of control and in some ways it may be but thats good it means the lid is off and the drought of endless unhappy ever afters will eventually end and you now have a chance to actually receive that happy ever after because you are ready to explore, learn and love that side of you that needed a voice for so very long.

Yeah its not easy it will challenge you and thats awesome because that my friend is reality. All we have to do is lay out the major arcana cards to see life isn’t all light and fluff because it isn’t and that big beautiful box of darkness you’ve been avoiding for so long will become one of your closest friends and you will not only appreciate this part of yourself but you  will also learn to love it because within the darkness you will find yourself and attributes that you thought you never had.

Trusting your way through the darkness IS the journey of The Fool. We don’t know where the journey is going to take us because an authentic journey doesn’t consist with the defined plans it has twists and turns, unexpected surprises good and bad, it has bliss and so much  joy and times where shit will hit the fan but you’ll be ok. Reality bites but see it as a love bite 🙂 you’ll learn to appreciate and love the journey as hard as it can be at times.

Now you’re probably wondering what has this got to do with the tarot? Everything. It’s this myth that life is meant to be all light and fluffy clouds because it isn’t and if you’re drawn to study the tarot you have to know that you will be confronted with your shadow self. The tarot journey is deep, soulful and any illusions will be confronted. I’m not saying this to scare anyone I’m saying this because its the truth and its reality and nowadays so many people are doing everything they can to not live in reality they are handing their responsibility over to other people, placing their trust in others instead of themselves the tarot journey will will bring you back into your body and you will begin to trust yourself again.

I know so many people and have spoken to many students when it gets challenging they stop studying. I can understand we all need breaks at times but if you’ve been confronted with a juicy bit of your shadow self PLEASE keep going. You are standing on the edge just like The Fool and you are about to embark a soul journey that is necessary for your healing and growth as a person. Within this journey you will discover a beautiful piece of yourself that you may have never met before and usually always that is the truth.

Journal people lots. Move the energy. Create, spend time in nature and exercise and repeat as many times till you feel things are beginning to shift and clarity is received.

This brings me to the next post with the 8 of Cups which I will post tomorrow… xxx


The Tower - Silver Era Tarot
The Tower – Silver Era Tarot

Earthing the Tarot

The tarot system is a 78 card system to assist and support the complexities of our inner world. The major arcana represents the journey of spirit. Many say ego and yes thats true but for me I’ll use the word spirit so we can say it is a spiritual journey. The minor arcana consists of four suits representing the the four elements: earth- pentacles, water-cups, fire-wands and air-swords. In some decks the wands represent air and the swords represents fire.

So if we can simplify it as the major arcana as our deep healing soulful transitions in life where the spirit is challenged to grow and the minor arcana is how we manage, explore and express our energy throughout the journey.

The tarot is a system to deepen and heal our relationship with self…and to enrich our life but if we really want to understand and own the cards we must earth the tarot system. If we can see the major arcana as our deep spiritual transitions we can then simplify the major arcana by understanding the minor arcana as the four elements earth, air, fire and water.

To own the cards and ourselves, we must explore our relationships with the four elements and see how these relationships affect our inner and outer worlds. To do this we must connect with the Earth.The deeper we go the more wisdom we unearth and the more we heal our wounded self the clearer the channel we have to our divine self and our intuition this is how we begin reading the cards with our intuition. The intuition is the language of the divine self.

Very briefly (I will touch on this further in my book and course), fire when its controlled is useful. Think about the pot belly fires in our homes, candle light now think of the Ace of Wands… so now lets jump to a house or bush fire and now think of the 10 of wands. See the wands as energy, life force, passion. When our passion, energy, life force is channelled we create magic, healing but if it isn’t think of how we waste and deplete our energy like the 10 of Wands.

If we truly want to understand the fire element spend time with it..really. Meditate in candle light. Watching the flame how does it make you feel? How do you feel about spending time in the sun? What part of the day do you enjoy the most and why? How do you feel sitting around a fire? What feelings does it provoke and why? When you stare into the flames does it relax you or make you feel unsettled? Explore your feelings and your relationship with fire go deep with it, know it. Then explore your energy levels. Observe when you feel the most energised, what switches you on, what you’re passionate about and what depletes your energy and why.


If we look at The Magician in traditional decks he has the tools in front of him: the sword, wand, cup and pentacle now think of the tools that usually sit on a witches altar which represents the four elements. Yes there’s a link here which I will go further into in my course and book which I have to say I can’t way to share 🙂

What I leave you with is start seeing the four suits as the four elements of the Earth and starting making the connection to each one of them then we’ll slowly move into the minor arcana.