Woo hoo! Let the Journey Begin!

Woo hoo! we’re live! well I am πŸ˜€ there’s more pages I’lll be adding to my site as time goes on but I had more than a few requests to begin so here I am and let me tell you I’m so very excited to begin this journey. My love and passion for the tarot goes deep and just really happy to share the knowledge and wisdom I’ve unearthed using the tarot system. The wheel of the seasons is turning towards winter here so its the perfect time to go deep and begin studying.

What I will begin with is this: I will be gifting away a copy of The Mythic Tarot deck which was my very first deck and the deck I began my study and the first deck I read for clients so I thought it would be a beautiful way to begin this journey.




I’ll announce the information of the gift away on my Facebook page so hoping to see you all there and feel free to click on the follow button of this site to receive posts in your email inbox.

Woo hoo! Look forward to the next post, see ya soon xxx


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