Introducing the Dark Goddessย 

I wanted to do a brief post on the Dark Goddess and the exploration, connection and study of the Dark Goddess which I will be sharing more of as this is my own personal path with Her and how we can use the tarot to connect with Her and to deepen aspects of ourselves. I believe a very big reason why the world is in the mess it’s in today because we have done and still do everything we can to try and silence and not acknowledge Her presence though regardless She is still speaks just in a more destructive form when we don’t allow Her to flow within our lives.

First I want to debunk the myths that the Dark Goddess is negative. She is not. She is the Mystery itself, the darkness where everything begins and every returns to. She is also light. Think of darkness. It can be peaceful and loving, an endless calming nothingness, think of the night sky and how peaceful that is. How about the beautiful womb space where life grows until it’s ready to see the light or a seed in darkness till it’s ready to push through the surface with its first leafy shoots. Darkness carries duality like all things from nature and withholding expression of our light when it’s ready to be seen can be tumultuous and be seen as darker emotions. Our human qualities of light and dark include heavier and darker emotions such as anger, jealousy, frustration, sadness, grief, rage etc is qualities in the mythologies of both light and dark Goddesses so we can not only relate but learn to understand our humanness and get to the source of connecting with the Goddess herself. She is hidden within our own darkness and to understand and connect with Her we must be courageous to confront our own fears and shadow selves.

I think it’s here where so many fear Her because to connect and understand Her we must confront the shadow parts of who we are and confront any fears and heavy emotions to receive the light of Her, of ourselves. She is both light and dark though we must take the journey into our own darkness to know and connect with Her, to know the light and wisdom She brings into our lives and to discover and connect to our own light.

People fear Dark Goddesses because they naturally evoke our own darkness we keep hidden from ourselves and deny the acknowledgement that it exists. We deny this for many reasons and the reasons can be different and personal for each individual but one we all share which society has created is a feeling there is something wrong with who we are by having and expressing darker emotions shaming and silencing our personal power. As if we haven’t already in our childhoods so we continue to push down the very part of our own light waiting in the darkness for our presence, the very essence of who we are and our own pathway to true emotional and spiritual freedom.

This is taught for really one main reason, to control. If we are fearful and insecure of our very own nature and oppress the true nature of who we are it’s much easier to brainwash and control and when we don’t own all of who we are parts of ourselves belong to someone else whether we are aware of it or not. If we’re feeling insecure we are more than likely to follow whatever we’re being taught we ‘should’ do from a source outside of ourselves.

You can’t control a person if they own their power and love both sides of themselves which is what the Dark Goddess teaches us.

There are many Dark Goddesses but I will share my own experiences with the three Dark Goddesses I walk with: Kali Ma, The Morrighan and Hecate. I look forward to sharing so much more in hope that some of what I share is embraced so the person who reads this begins to love and connect with the Mystery of who they are and sees the beauty and love within their own darkness.

There is nothing to fear but the true greatness of who you are. They’ll be a part two to this very soon. XXXX

The Morrighan – artist unknown


Business or Personal Journalling with the Tarot

I’m currently on holidays and placed myself on an artist retreat because I’m just feeling a lot of new energy and creations wanting to come through and part of this is a hell of a lot of writing. We can all relate when when we want to get the creative juices flowing or want to shift some emotions we’ve been caught on and what has always helped me is journalling or painting with the tarot.

Yes painting! There are times when I’m sitting at the easel and I just feel stuck something is wanting to come through and I can feel it strongly but something emotional is also wanting my presence and with two very intense energies you can just imagine it’s about now I want to fucken scream! ๐Ÿ˜€

What always helps is pulling out a tarot deck that evokes a lot of emotion and for me two decks always cuts through it, my beloved Mary El Tarot and the Tarot of the Vampyres.

Tarot of the Vampyres

I’m a lover of darker themed decks to me they speak the truth of whats actually happening within the seer/seeker and in any situation questioned. There’s no fluff and I feel nothing is missed it gets to the point which is what I want. So if I’m feeling blocked when I paint one of these decks will make a show and I will shuffle and pull a few cards out till I can really feel my emotions peaking and then I bring that to the canvas occasionally glancing at the spread to keep things moving. It always works.

Journalling whether it’s personal or business, same deal. Don’t get caught on asking the cards anything just shuffle and pull cards out. We don’t want to go into interpretation when we are already feeling a lot just keep pulling cards and allow yourself to get lost in the images and let them speak to you. Have them in front of you while you write. Just write don’t judge or question it just allow whatever wants to come through you. I do this both personally and for business. Yep ๐Ÿ˜€ I use the tarot to create business ideas always and I just keep writing and the most amazing creations come through whether its pen or paint.

The Mary El Tarot

It’s here I want to say that if you don’t own a darker themed deck it really is worth the investment emotionally and spiritually to purchase one that speaks to you. You certainly can do this exercise with a lighter themed deck but I truly feel there’s something about the darker decks that take you in deep and that’s what we ultimately want is to deepen our relationship with self, this is what the journey’s all about.

If you give this a go let me know I would be interested to hear about your experience. xxxx


Owl Medicine and The Moon Card

Just one of the many beautiful things having a strong relationship with the Earth gifts you, is receiving medicine and sharing it with anyone that is willing to listen.

Connecting outside yesterday, ย Iย received a vision of an Owl and how we are to connect with Owl medicine to support us with the next wave of energy our planet will be experiencing. When She moves we move with Her. To help connect with Owl Medicine we can use the energy of The Moon card.

Owl Medicine is connected to intuitive and psychic ability it supports us to trust ourselves. Owl teaches us to see within our own darkness and to see through the darkness of others to not only protect ourselves when we need protecting but through exploring our own fear and emotion we receive insight and retrieve the light from the darkness and have a deeper understanding of fears and heavier emotions.

Owl also shows us where we are deceiving ourselves again taking us deep to explore the emotions that are distorting our clarity. The Owl and Moon card go hand in hand. Through the exploration of our shadow self we retrieve wisdom and courage to face our fears allowing for our creative energy to flow through connecting to a clearer channel with our divine self.

If this calls to you, use The Moon card to explore any fears that have surfaced at this time. Begin with emotions that are heavy or uncomfortable and begin journalling from there having The Moon card to gaze upon while you write. This meditative exercise, you will be surprise how deep it will take you.



Soul Dive with the Four of Cups

Oh to be back in tarot land! With my own practice I haven’t left, I never leave, tarot is part of my spiritual practice and always will be. I’ve had to nurture other business areas of my life before I went deep again and throughout the time I’ve explored new decks and really working with some of the images in certain decks while I nurtured business and took another deep soul dive.

Through this soul dive more layers peeled away and a renewed sense of vulnerability has appeared which is just so freeing and lovely and I want to share with you which cards I’ve been working with through this time. After exploring and connecting with unique decks I have a habit of going back to traditional decks because I find that it deepens my connection to the tarot system. After exploring and connecting with unique artwork, colours, symbolism and meanings going back to the traditional decks for me deepens the connection to the traditional decks which I can almost physically feel the ‘drop’ in my body and the deepening connection with my own spirit. All I can say after 6 months of exploring and connecting with non traditional decks pick up the Tarot of Marseille, Visconti Sforza, Ancient Italian Tarot or the Rider Waite- Smith tarot and tell me the difference in your tarot study I’ll be interested to hear your experience.

There’s been a few decks I’ve been connecting with at this time. The first is the Ancestral Path Tarot which for me as soon as I turn over the cards I see words of insight. I’ve also been loving the Morgan-Greer tarot which to be honest has been a huge surprise because this deck I’ve seen so many times over the years and just felt ‘nup’ but through this soul dive I’ve been so drawn to bold colours and I have to say its now one of my favourite decks.


Ancestral Path Tarot


Morgan Greer Tarot


The card I really worked with through this time is the 4 of Cups and The Empress. Two which was relevant both intuitively chosen and man o man did the 4 of Cups speak to me. It’s a card I’m not really bothered by usually but I was just so deep and caught with decision making which is very unlike me, I was also ready to throw what I love to do in which is REALLY unlike me but even though I knew logically what I had to do my emotional body was screaming ‘fuck off I’m no good’ yes so you get how deep I went ๐Ÿ˜€

I was stuck so I used the four of cups from the Morgan Greer deck and journalled for one week straight which helped me break the heavy negative self belief feelings. This is what I got this time around working with the 4 of Cups is yes it’s all there in front of you and yes a decision needs to be made but almost always we need to go deep if we’re feeling caught. The thing is I’m rarely caught with my emotions I have no problem going deep, I don’t fear what I feel no matter how messy but if we are stuck man we have to go deep and do the work especially when you know you are The Empress, we all are, but there are times we have to move through deep conditioned shitty feelings to really know that on a deeper level so we can create on a higher level.

The Empress honestly just moved me to tears the whole time ๐Ÿ˜€ seriously because I wasn’t feeling her or good enough so she helped me release. Where would we be without our beloved tarot?! Anyway lovelies I’m sorry for the lack of presence on this blog there will be times where the deep inner work needs to be done but I will always return and look forward to sharing more in the near future. xxxx

Reflection with the Four of Pentacles

The major arcana cards aren’t the only cards we can heal with, every card in the tarot deck is a source of healing and growth. I decided to write about the 4 of pentacles tonight and there’s reasons for that which I will share in a moment. Please know with each card I write about it goes a lot deeper but I can’t share it all in one post but can share different views, journal and healing prompts so we can ‘own the cards’.

One of the few things the Four of Pentacles symbolise is selfishness, someone dependent on materialism, someone using materialism to protect themselves from hurt even if it may come across as financial pain beneath that the wound its always emotional. It can also symbolise a healthy need to be selfish, creating a structure for self after chaos and what I was reflecting on that drove me to share was the massive amounts of selfishness nowadays.

I believe reflecting upon this card can give us an insight on where we stand within ourselves. Lets begin with materialism. Now this is an interesting subject to raise because it brings up deep emotions and misunderstandings between people. Myself personally I get off on simplicity. I live pretty simply and have been ridiculed for it in the past by many people and have been questioned by many people for the way I live. Owning the most expensive car or wearing certain labels I have no interest in and I’m not saying those that do that its a bad thing its just not my bag it never has been.

So if we look at the Rider Waite image of a man holding onto the pentacle across his heart symbolising self protection and also blocking the flow of connection with others. When we hold onto material things too much we do block our authentic flow. The pentacle on the crown chakra is blocking his connection to spirit and sharing with others, the two pentacles beneath his feet can symbolise lack of connection to the Earth and a lack of grounding and not seeing the situation with clarity which is very much the case if we hold onto materialism too tightly and can also be the case for not honouring it either.





So there’s a healthy medium somewhere between. I think all of us have some emotional issue with money and materialism and we all have differing opinions. In readings this also can be someone that is too fearful to open their heart to another regardless I see this as needing to open the heart and spirit flow and connect with Mother Earthย because I believe if we open to all the above the fear of materialism will come up now and again for sure thats pretty healthy and normal at times living in a physical world BUT we also open the authentic flow of true abundance in every area of our life byย learning to trust ourselves and let go.


Journal Prompts: Four of Pentacles

Having the card in front of you with a journal and pen begin with this question: Do you nourish your spirit well? On all levels physical, emotional and spiritual. Write your response and be as honest as you can. Write the whys and why nots and what changes you can make to achieve healthy nourishment. Also expand on this and go deeper by exploring what are the emotional triggers to treat yourself in ways where you are lacking. This is very healing it also makes you aware of the emotional triggers in the future which is really important to know.

Do you live with an open heart? If not why not? and if so can do you really feel you’re in full flow and if not where do you feel you can improve to expand your heart even more so?

Next lets move to the crown chakra. Do you have a strong connection with spirit? Do you enjoy sharing with others whether its materialism or emotional, where do you feel you can improve on all the above?

Lastly lets look at your relationship with our Mother. Our relationship with our Mother Earth is just as an important with our relationship with ourselves without both there’s no balance.

Do you have a relationship with the Earth? Do you spend time listening to Her when you connect with nature? How often do you connect with nature? And if you don’t why not? What fears do you have connecting with the planet that gives so much?

How do you feel when you do connect with nature? Do you feel emotional? Clear? Uncertain? Joyous? Write down your response.

We have just covered by looking at the image the main areas where he’s blocked in the card and opened that doorway to self discovery and healing ๐Ÿ™‚ not bad huh?


We can take the Four of Pentacles much deeper and we can use this card for a check in to see where we are lacking and where we are growing. Pretty cool hey? ๐Ÿ™‚ One of the thousand reasons why I love tarot so much.

I also quickly want to mention I haven’t posted last week because I’m knee deep creating two new websites one of them is a new website for my art annnnddddd I’m currently creating my own tarot deck which I will share at some point… ๐Ÿ™‚ xoxo



ยฉ Copyright 2015/The Seer & the Seeker/Astara Lak’ech. All rights reserved. No writing or photographs to be used without permission.

Renewed Stability with the 8 of Cups

We all have our favourite cards in tarot one of mine is the 8 of Cups.
The image in most decks gives me a sense of peace and a sense of relief when it shows in my own personal readings.
In most decks it usually holds a similar feeling to the Hermit, a time of listening, of knowing, and retreat.
The 8 of Cups usually means letting go of a stable situation.
We have outgrown the situation and it’s time to let go and leave.
Though in most decks the 8 of Cups holds a feeling of going within and I also see this as an honouring of the grieving process of letting go. ย It’s a beautiful reminder to honour the change itself. Too often we don’t allow our inner world to catch up to the physical process and we find ourselves emotionally overwhelmed a few weeks after.


Inner explorations and deepening our understanding of the 8 of Cups can clearly begin with these questions:


* What emotions surface when you think about letting go of a person or a situation that you feel connected to?
Which two emotions are most dominantly felt and why?
Go deeper with this journal as much as you can really feel, listen and observe the conditioned pattern that’s triggered.

* How do you feel living your true potential? What feelings does this question trigger both positive and negative?
This may sound like a strange question but you’ll be surprised how many people fear their power and undervalue their self worth.

* What do you consider a stable life and why? Does your stability impinge on your spiritual and emotional freedom? And if so how and what can you change about this?


So you see the 8 of Cups isn’t very scary ๐Ÿ™‚ though some people may consider it so it actually supports you to become more stable within yourself and to look within for stability and emotionally detach from outcomes and expectations supporting us to have greater freedom within.



The Myth

When I mention ‘shadow work’ most people don’t like to speak about it they avoid it at all costs even those that work in areas supporting others to heal. Strange as it may seem but us humans don’t like to feel uncomfortable which I get BUT it’s our make up, we’re humans we feel everything and avoidance doesn’t work it just makes it worse.

I understand we’ve all been conditioned to oppress how we feel thats our inner work, our golden box of wisdom right there that needs to be handled with loving care but the box needs to be opened and remain open if we want to experience true happiness. This myth that we have to be happy all the time seems to be a strong belief still for many people but please its not real far from it.

I know it may seem weird to explain the duality of life, the universe, the planet, everything but we have ‘evolved’ as people to believe this myth and you know if you have oppressed your shadow side, the heavier emotions for 30 plus years expect to feel like shit often from there on. Why? because now you’ve awakened from the myth and although you may feel your world is spiralling out of control and in some ways it may be but thats good it means the lid is off and the drought of endless unhappy ever afters will eventually end and you now have a chance to actually receive that happy ever after because you are ready to explore, learn and love that side of you that needed a voice for so very long.

Yeah its not easy it will challenge you and thats awesome because that my friend is reality. All we have to do is lay out the major arcana cards to see life isn’t all light and fluff because it isn’t and that big beautiful box of darkness you’ve been avoiding for so long will become one of your closest friends and you will not only appreciate this part of yourself but you ย will also learn to love it because within the darkness you will find yourself and attributes that you thought you never had.

Trusting your way through the darkness IS the journey of The Fool. We don’t know where the journey is going to take us because an authentic journey doesn’t consist with the defined plans it has twists and turns, unexpected surprises good and bad, it has bliss and so much ย joy and times where shit will hit the fan but you’ll be ok. Reality bites but see it as a love bite ๐Ÿ™‚ you’ll learn to appreciate and love the journey as hard as it can be at times.

Now you’re probably wondering what has this got to do with the tarot? Everything. It’s this myth that life is meant to be all light and fluffy clouds because it isn’t and if you’re drawn to study the tarot you have to know that you will be confronted with your shadow self. The tarot journey is deep, soulful and any illusions will be confronted. I’m not saying this to scare anyone I’m saying this because its the truth and its reality and nowadays so many people are doing everything they can to not live in reality they are handing their responsibility over to other people, placing their trust in others instead of themselves the tarot journey will will bring you back into your body and you will begin to trust yourself again.

I know so many people and have spoken to many students when it gets challenging they stop studying. I can understand we all need breaks at times but if you’ve been confronted with a juicy bit of your shadow self PLEASE keep going. You are standing on the edge just like The Fool and you are about to embark a soul journey that is necessary for your healing and growth as a person. Within this journey you will discover a beautiful piece of yourself that you may have never met before and usually always that is the truth.

Journal people lots. Move the energy. Create, spend time in nature and exercise and repeat as many times till you feel things are beginning to shift and clarity is received.

This brings me to the next post with the 8 of Cups which I will post tomorrow… xxx


The Tower - Silver Era Tarot
The Tower – Silver Era Tarot