Tea & Tarot with Darker Themed Decks

I had a few people ask me about darker themed decks in the last week. I’m a lover of darker themed decks if theres one out there that calls to me you’ll be sure to know I’ll own it. The questions I get asked a lot is why I work with them so much and really just why? πŸ™‚

Darker themed decks take me deeper than those that aren’t. To be honest I see more in the dark. I know the learning and wisdom that comes from confronting my shadow self and I feel very comfortable being honest with myself. That’s not to say that its a comfy ride but its necessary and I know this is where balance and embracing our humanity lies.

I know many people don’t understand that especially when we live in a world that constantly drives us to be happy and high on life all the time which is one of the many reasons why people feel so uncertain of who they are. The constant comparison to others and wondering if they’re ok because they’re not happy all the time but fuck who is!

Darker themed tarot art takes me deep into myself so I can become aware of things that I may not have known before, it also takes me deep to retrieve the answers I’m searching for. Being a medium when you receive visions they come from darkness. The inner screen is black, the peaceful nothingness so there’s a deep comfort in that for me and also when I scry darker colours I SEE.

It’s also interesting watching clients and friends reactions to darker themed tarots and I have to say I really enjoy that factor also because it instantly gives you a glimpse of their inner world by the way they react to the art. That’s an awesome conversation starter itself and without even reading the cards discussing the art work and what feelings it provokes is a mini self exploration right there. So there you go a very short and sweet post for those that have emailed and messaged me this week hope thats food for thought and why I’m drawn to darkness so much πŸ˜‰ it comes from a place of deep appreciation.



Moving Through Stagnation with the Tarot


We have all been there. That place where nothing seems to be moving. Life becomes routine with no spark and the only feelings that seem to be felt is major frustration, anger, sadness, boredom and sometimes grief.

Every option we look at doesn’t feel right, everything we do doesn’t feel right and the only thing we want is solitude, rest and a good cry.
Firstly I have to say don’t be too quick to move from this space.
Sounds strange I know but feeling these feelings and being overwhelmed with ‘I’ve had enough’ also will move you to create change.
Having said that lets look at how we can shift things internally using the tarot.

Let’s begin at looking at a self nurturing routine to support you through this space.
It’s just so easy to convince yourself and fall victim to the overwhelm and make excuses such as, ‘I can’t stop there’s things that need doing.’
That’s a good possibility but there will also be many pockets of time where you can prioritise because doing the floors and folding laundry can wait for as long as it needs because YOU my friend are priority.

Next create a self nurturing routine and stick to it.
Commitment to Self is a must.
The two primary relationships that will always nurture, love and feed your soul is the one you have with yourself and Mother Earth.
These are the two primary relationships that need to always be on top of your list if they aren’t there will be no balance.
I understand when overwhelm hits you want nothing more than to stare at the floor but a lot of the time it doesn’t feed your soul.
Not saying don’t do this I’m saying put in place things that make you feel good and the small things count.
Such as: clean sheets, buying flowers, rearranging and cleaning your altar or sacred space, purchasing something small that means something to you, spending time in nature, eating clean, drinking more water, burning incense, lighting candles, drinking your favourite tea, spending time in the garden, painting, writing… as an example.

It’s really important to invest in you and it’s also important to take time to explore your inner world because it’s a very big part of why you feel this way.
So time to get the cards out and your journal.
Let’s pull out some Major Arcana cards that can support you to move forward.

The Hermit

What we need more than anything in this space is solitude and to connect with the light within.
It’s times like this our light doesn’t feel strong so we need to strengthen it by doing that we need to connect with it.
So pull out your journal and have The Hermit card in front of you and journal the answers to these questions:

* Have I had enough time on my own to feel and reflect on where I am? If not, why not?

* What feelings am I avoiding to feel at present and why?

* What am I afraid of seeing or accepting about my current situation?
Once you have identified that then ask yourself:

* What small steps can I commit to create change about my current situation?
Once you have written that then write out a loose future plan of where you would like to be.
I say loose because I don’t want you feeling any pressure to commit to this long term plan but a focus point of moving you from your current situation.

* Please give yourself time to process your answers don’t feel you have to answer all of this in one sitting.
Give yourself time to breathe and fall into what you have uncovered. *


Very few people like the Death card in the tarot but it’s one of my favs.
In order for new life bloom we need to put the old to rest once and for all.
So placing the Death card in front of you and using it as a focus of contemplation the only question I want you to contemplate and journal on is this:

* Being completely honest, what do I need to let go of completely to move forward to the next stage of my life?

Take your time and give yourself time to process your answer.

And finally pull out the card Judgement. Place it in front of you and while you focus on the card begin reflecting on this question and answer it intuitively:

* What does my soul want me to hear?

Meditate on this answer and journal it.
Once you’ve gathered all your answers please finish off on meditating on The Empress card.
Hold the image in your minds eye, burn some floral incense and burn a candle whilst meditating and envision yourself loved, nurtured, whole and at ease with yourself.
Stay in the meditation as long as you need and repeat if needed.

Take this post and use it to love you.
The tarot is an amazing system to heal and get to know our inner world.
It should be part of our self nourishing practice. Xxx

Gather the Cards


So you’ve gathered the cards, love them dearly and yes the books have arrived and yes love laying out spreads but still you can’t really feel them speaking to you yet. Totally normal don’t panic it is flowing more than you know. It flows through subtly an energy begins to form between you and the cards even if it is frustration, uncertainty and sometimes even anger from being so frustrated but its forming and the relationship between you and the cards are speaking, you’re speaking through how you feel when you have them around you or in your hands whatever you’re feeling allow yourself to feel it. Don’t push it away, don’t distract it, don’t stop the connection between you and tarot system just allow it to be like any relationship that is intimate you WILL feel which is completely normal regardless of what society would like us to believe… keep going.

Within those moments of frustration journal it but before you do shuffle the cards and ask the question, ‘what’s blocking me from moving forward with my study with the tarot? I would go as far as saying just shuffle the major arcana cards and choose one and work with this card to reveal the fear and feelings behind the frustration.

You will see it actually isn’t the cards but our conditioned fear of deepening our relationship with ourself and with others. We are all so conditioned not to feel those scary emotions that are uncomfortable, taught to silence them, distract them and even be ashamed of them but we ALL feel them we’re human and our humanity is beautiful its definitely nothing to be ashamed of. We’re taught to distract our shadow selves (our heavier darker emotions) because it’s within the shadow, within the darkness is where light is born. Within the darkness is where you will find yourself… so be gentle and keep journalling the darker emotions, keep journalling through those times you feel numb or you feel nothing is moving it is moving you’re just feeling whats been locked away for some time.

The most important thing is to be gentle there’s no rush and you will be so pleasantly surprised what will be uncovered through this magical journey. So gather the cards it’s ok to feel. xxx


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The Devil card from the Mythic Tarot