I have been fortunate enough to receive readings and guidance from Astara. Quality readings and guidance that have been incredibly helpful and accurate ! Astara is very easy to work with and I am definitely going to be using her powerful services again and again ! Astara is very intuitive and in touch with her ‘guidance/source’ Best wishes and success in your new venture !!
Pania xxx West Australia πŸ™‚


Astara’s connection to Spirit is clear and every insight received is delivered with grace and compassion, honesty and integrity, clarity and accuracy.
This blessed insight is offered in conjunction with Astara’s expansive wisdom and support, which further assists in the assimilation of these insights through the divine process of healing, transformation and blossoming of the spirit.
Astara’s gift is unparalleled and every exchange will undoubtedly bring profound change and growth, drawing us ever closer to wholeness and the integration of our own divine nature.
Cara, Victoria


Astara’s energy is like working with divine light, I have found her readings a positive reminder of change and embracing your true essence. Blessed are those that find themselves guided by Astara!
MF Victoria

I found Astara has a wonderful connection and ability to connect with Spirit. I have had a Soul Reading and Mediumship/Psychic reading from Astara and I found both related to situations in my life today and would highly recommend her. Thank you Astara xx
J.P Melbourne, Victoria.

“My path crossed with Astara’s some time ago and at a time when I needed some guidance. There are several things that see me returning to Astara when I need assistance: her gift is true, her approach is gentle and her soul is honest. I know that when I seek clarity or guidance I will receive the information I need, not a fairytale. I highly recommend Astara!
Tracy from Queensland”


Astara is a gentle, compassionate, and authentic soul and has guided me with great wisdom in regards to both myself and my children. Her guidance with children contains both the compassion of the divine mother and practical steps to create real and positive changes. My personal reading provided a doorway to tune in to and nurture myself and to look with love and compassion at my shadow side, fears and emotional wounds. Astara’s reading broke down areas in my life to look at in manageable blocks making it possible to create real change without being overwhelmed. I highly recommend Astara’s readings for anyone who wants a deeper and more authentic relationship with themselves.
Eliza M, Victoria


I feel very fortunate to have found Astara. Her readings have been a valuable guidance to me and my spiritual path.
She is a wonderful, caring soul and it shows with her services she offers. I have found her to be very gifted and passionate about her work. Astara’s connection to spirit and her passion to help others with love and divine guidance shines through. She is a honest and open clairvoyant. I would highly recommend her services to anyone wishing for guidance. I know she has been invaluable to me and for this blessing I am so very grateful.
With love
Michelle, Western Australia


The readings I’ve had with Astara have been powerful, nurturing, validating and uplifting. Astara’s accuracy, sensitivity and compassion shine through even when we meet up over the phone. She is a gifted, courageous and authentic woman.


Thank you so much Astara for your wisdom and your guidance. I have found your readings incredibly accurate, helpful and insightful.
Thank you for being the clear channel that you are.
Much gratitude and love.
Vicki, NSW


Connecting with Astara has been like connecting with a dear friend, a very wise friend!
I feel drawn to her and, as our connection has grown through the readings and advice she has shared with me, I can understand why.
Astara has a very nurturing and gentle way of revealing what could otherwise be very confronting truths. I have found my readings to be very accurate and revealing, whilst feeling safe and guided. She has a very special energy and an extraordinary gift.
Astara has given me so much, offering support and kindness whenever I have reached out to her.
Lilah, Perth W.A.


Thank you Astara for your help . The reading you did for me gave me clarity and helped me to make some decisions that have been weighing me down , also some courage & confidence to take those first steps. I have much to look forward to this year and next . You have an incredible gift and you were chosen I think because you give from your heart and so it comes with love . So again thank you . xxxx
D.Egan, Perth W.A.


Astara is a lovely soul who is authentic and insightful with her readings as well as her connection with Spirit! Her readings have always been perfectly on target and resonate deeply within my heart! She cares deeply for others and is always ready and willing to help, often giving her beautiful gifts freely to assist others on their path. I will happily return when in need of a bit of clarity and would highly recommend her to anyone else seeking guidance and insight on their journey.
N.Rose, Ashville,N.Carolina


Thank you Astara! Your readings, both email and in person, have blown me away with their accuracy and insight.It felt like you were reading my soul.Because of your readings I have made changes in my life that are bringing more love and light than I have ever known. All reports from friends and family that have now also been to see you after my recommendation, have been the same.I can’t thank you enough.
Kel, Margaret River, W.A.

The Sacred Serpent offers multiple soul founded services that have, and continue to be a guiding light in my life and that of my two young children.
Rozy, Margaret River, W.A.

Astara is an amazing, wonderful and beautiful soul, I love connecting with You Astara. Your readings/guidance are always a beautiful connection with spirit. You have an amazing gift and I love connecting with you, readings are always accurate and from the heart.
Always filled with great information to learn and work with. ❀
Shona F, N.S.W.

If you are seeking real, honest, deep & often raw insights & clarity from the spirit world, the universe or within your very being, I highly recommend Astara. I have found my own personal path become more expansive & connected, from gaining guidance to what needed to be healed, that which needed to be empowered & that which walks beside me in the spirit realm.
I have found Astara’s empathy, compassion, insight & wisdom invaluable for my children, whom are very connected with the spirit realm. Through empowerment we can honour these young souls coming into our world right now & the changes they will make in our world.
L.O’Neill, W.A.


I had a short email reading with Astara, and was blown away. The insights she provided into my then current situation were like no other. She touched on issues I have kept bottled up for many years and gave me a clear idea of what areas I need to work on. I really felt the love and connection that went into the reading. I am looking forward to having an in depth reading with her in the future. Love and light, Sarah xx
S.Stevens, N.S.W.

I find Astara to be the most accurate reader i have come across in many years. A beautiful, gifted and compassionate soul whom I would and do highly recommend as a reader ❀
V,Liddell, N.S.W.

Received a great reading here. Down to earth, grounded and true. Real guidance from spirit and accurate. Something for now and something to take to the future. Received with love. Ty :))
Maggie C, Scotland

I love Astara and her readings. It’s errie how accurate she is and how connected she is to spirit. I have been seeing Astara for almost 8yrs and will continue until she tells me no more. Thanks to Astara’s readings I have been directed back to my path and getting in touch with my authentic self. My life has been enriched with the guidance and support she has shown me.
Tamara Szep, W.A.

I got a mini reading as part of a fundraiser special. It was only three cards but it has opened up a whole new direction for me. Think about what you need to know and this lady can pull it out of nowhere for you without asking you anything or even seeing or talking to you- very cool!!
K.Raucliffe, W.A.


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