The Awakening of the Sacred Serpent


Upon the awakening of the serpent energy, many of us have questioned the way we live feeling driven to make changes that resonate with our true authentic selves.
This primal energy accelerates the spiritual body and remembering of our ancient self.
Through this, we can experience periods of receiving wisdom, knowledge, visions, lucid dreaming, channeling, intuitive feelings, out of body experiences, a drive to reconnect with Mother Earth, to nurture our physical bodies and to maintain good health, to commit to a routine of spiritual practices and to create daily periods of quiet and stillness to connect with the authentic self.

These powerful experiences can be conflicting with the emotional body creating confusion, anxiety and uncertainty.
Please know that these experiences are normal and will balance out in time when we understand the need to self surrender and allow the ego fearful self to break down in its natural progression with the movement of this energy.



The most challenging thing at this time is to allow the act of self surrendering to take its natural course.
Through lifetimes we have created and structured a way of thinking and being that has been stored within our energy and our thought forms restricting our authentic selves.
We have now come to a time in human evolution where the call for emotional and spiritual liberation is upon us.

This is our calling.
Each one of us that has chosen to be here at this time have a responsibility to rise to this call.
This is a powerful movement forward through lifetimes of oppression we now have the spiritual freedom to be our full potential.




Our primal roar can be felt in the peak of our emotional pain and anger.
These strong emotions is the frustration and sadness from lifetimes that many of us feel from not being able to be the full expression of our sacred and primal self.
This sadness is also felt because we have disconnected our heart from Mother Earth, disconnecting us from our true essence.
The primal roar to be heard, seen and respected is at it’s most powerful and we are clearing lifetimes upon lifetimes of spiritual and emotional oppression.

Rise to your call the time is now.



There is no separation between the Earthly energies and energies of other life forms in our Universe.
As we surrender to our authentic selves we awaken to knowing there are other energies within this universe besides our own.

This is our awakening to oneness.
A celebration and knowing of the truth, we are coming into balance.

I leave you with this ~

Be your truth.
Know we are all connected and we all carry the responsibility for our own calling.
Be the balance and the joy that you are.
Practice the art of surrendering.
Allow the healing between the feminine and masculine to unfold and let us walk beside one another with love, respect and understanding as we did once so long ago.
Listen to your intuition and love with an open heart and mind.
Be the peace that you are and love your Mother (Earth) as you did once so long ago.
But most importantly…

Welcome home.