The Sacred Serpent

A few years leading up to 2012, I was shared by spirit there will be work I’ll be undertaking to assist and support people to move through their emotional body to reconnect and walk their ancient selves. This work overtime has grown as I have but the core intention of my work will always remain the same. Here, I share the words of my core intention and the wisdom spirit shared with me to share with the world.

The Sacred Serpent is a creation of lifetime channellings from spirit brought into manifestation at this time to assist humankind to walk a path of spiritual awareness in the new Earth consciousness awakened by the sacred serpent energy (kundalini). The primal energy that once laid dormant is now awake as the Earths kundalini energy has begun to move shedding the layers of the past to clear the pathway for the birthing of the new Earth to take place.

The Sacred Serpent offers services to assist clients to clear the pathway from the emotional patterns and conditions from the past to birth the essence self into manifestation with clarity and allow this sacred birthing to unfold with guidance and support.

Allow the channelled wisdom to be a pillar of strength and clarity as you birth your sacred self and honour the sacred serpent energy that connects us to the Universal flow of All that is.

 This creation is dedicated to Earth Mother and Father Sky.

What is the Sacred Serpent?

Sacred Serpent energy for many is known as kundalini energy.

The primal energetic force is visualised as a coil serpent situated at the base chakra energy centre  best described in Hindu texts as the three principles of universal nature ~ creation, preservation and destruction.

 This pure universal force is our primal authentic self. It is the energy and creation of all living things and when activated the connection to the universal knowing and way of being is awakened.

Upon the powerful Earth change at this time this energy has been activated in all of us.

The activation of this pure energy accelerates this spiritual growth creating powerful reactions in our emotional, mental and physical bodies.

Some of these reactions and manifestations include: headaches, aches and pains in the joints, heart palpations and fluttering, anxiety, uncertainty, confusion, strong emotional reactions, depression, hypersensitivity, feeling ungrounded, feeling unsettled, restless and periods lacking motivation.

These symptoms are caused by emotional blockages within the energy centres (chakras) and are pushed to the surface to be released as the serpent energy moves through each centre to make way for the primal energy to be manifested.

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