Transformative Tarot Sessions

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Transformative Tarot sessions are one on one sessions exploring into the areas which the client feels ‘stuck’ in or feeling areas that are needing clarity to create movement forward guided by the channelled wisdom from the clients spirits along with exploring emotional wounding to grasp a deeper understanding of self destructive emotional patterns and how to change and manage it. This includes insights to present and future along with how the past is holding you back from moving forward.

You may not feel any of the above but ‘have a feeling’ to book a session, an intuitive knowing to connect with your own spirits and ancestors.

Change makes us feel vulnerable as we’re on the cusp of exploring the unknown. It’s a survival mechanism to fall into old emotional patterns and wounds which can make us feel stuck and frustrated yet you feel there is ‘change in the air’ but not knowing or can see how to.

These sessions are explored using the ancient knowledge of the tarot coupled with my clairvoyance and mediumship ability to receive clarity from spirit to see the root source of emotional patterns as well as past, present and future.



Sessions are available through Skype and phone.

One card insight: $30 (email only) 

Three card insight: $55 (email only) 

Full session looking (an hour) $120 (available through email and Skype)


To book please email me at